1 -- W1OP ARRL Field Day, June 24-26, 2022
2 -- State of Rhode Island
3 -- Newport County
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4 -- Beavertail
State Park K-2868
5 -- Beavertail Lighthouse L1422 6 -- NA-031
Conanicut Island
7 -- RI007S
Conanicut Island
           Providence Radio Association W1OP
W1OP   FN41 - RI    60,000+ FTx QSOs    1,784+ Grid Squares    2,558 Prefixes    63 ITU Zones
DXCC 313 Countries ... Mixed-Band DXCC ... 5-Band DXCC ... 5-Band DXCC +160M, +30M, +17M, + 12M ... DXCC Challenge [1447] ...
CW DXCC [237] ... Phone DXCC [238] ... Digital DXCC [180] ... 160M DXCC [130] ... 80M DXCC [130] ... 40M DXCC [202] ...
30M DXCC [161] ... 20M DXCC [239] ...17M DXCC [152] ... 15M DXCC [191] ... 12M DXCC [102]... 10M DXCC [139] ... VUCC 6M [129]

5-Band WAS +160M, +30M, +17M, + 12M ... Mixed WAS ... WAS Triple Play ... 160M WAS ... 80M WAS ...
40M WAS ... 30M WAS ... 20M WAS ... 15M WAS ... 12M WAS... 10M WAS ...
CW WAS ... CW 160M WAS ... Phone WAS ... 40M Phone WAS ... Digital WAS ... FT4 WAS ... FT8 WAS ... 80M Digital WAS ... 40M Digital WAS ...
30M Digital WAS ... 20M Digtial WAS ... 17M Digital WAS ... 15M Digital WAS ... 12M Digital WAS

100,000+ contacts loaded to LOTW ... 2020 ARRL Field Day [3D] #2 in USA ...
2020 WW Digi DX Contest [Multi-Two] #2 USA, #6 World ...IARU NE Record Holder 2018 ... 1st --160M

OMISS #13300 ... 3905CC
W1OP.com and .org are always under construction.

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American Radio Relay League W1OP
ARRL News and Features

2021 ARRL W1OP Contest Participation:
 ARRL RTTY Roundup --Jan.2/3
 ARRL DX CW Contest --Feb. 20-21
 ARRL DX SSB Contest --Mar. 6-7
 NEQSO Party -- May1-2
 ARRLField Day --June 26-27

W1OP 2021
100th Anniversary
ARRL Affiliation


Work W1OP FTx Contacts Campaign Continues
3/15/2021 - 60,000 - RI FN41
3/15/2021 - 4,400 - FL EL96
W1OP/P WAS Mixed, Digital, FT8
As W1OP uses multiple computers and a very large database, we combine worked FTx files and load them to LoTW and Club Log on a weekly schedule, more or less. Check to see how many bands you have worked us on. If you would like an email copy of your detailed contact info contact NE1Y@ARRL.net. We log on receipt of signal reports.

ARRL New England Division Newletter
Serving ARRL members who reside in the New England sections

Why is RI so hard to work
for Worked All States?

[image: Wikipedia]

[RI is less than a third of FN41]
W1OP 2020
"Work RI

From W1OP FN41 RI
From W1OP/100 FN41 RI
52,000+ RI Contacts*
uploaded to LOTW as of 12/21/2020, 1716+ grid squares
[6M, 10M, 12M, 15M, 17M, 20M, 30M, 40M, 60M, 80M, 160M]
FTx operations launched 1/21/2019 from RI
Average FTx contacts 500/wk since 1/21/2019
*  2020 GOAL 40,000
*  2020 WW DIGI Contest   *  2020 ARRL Field Day    *  2020 ARRL June VHF Contest

W1OP 2019
Centennial Activity
 ARRL confirms that W1OP was First in RI, 2nd in New England and 27th in the USA Multi Op for the 160M CW Contest Dec. 7-8 2019
 rttycontesting.com confirms that W1OP was First in RI, and 23rd Single Op in the USA for the FT Roundup held on Dec. 7-8 2019
 CQ Magazine confirms W1OP was First in RI, and Second in New England for the start of the Centennial Year's World Wide 160M DX Contest.
 Digital DXCC count hits 150 Countries confirmed.
 ARRL 160 CW contest 568 QSOs, 23 countries, 118,910 score operating in Studio B while the FT Roundup contest was operating simultaneously in Studio A.
 First REMOTE control contest completed -- FT Roundup with 400 contacts, 45 countries. Station control was in Naples, FL using the Verizon Fios cable connection.
 Verizon Fios installed fiber optic cable currently with 100M UP and 100M DOWN. Expandable to 1G.
 It appears W1OP has broken its QSO by year record for the last century with 26,000+ QSOs, all modes, logged into LOTW this year.
 Competed in ARRL November Sweepstakes. Multi Op, single xmit.
 From Nov. 1 through Dec. 6 W1OP/100 logged 3928 QSOs and 115 countries.
 Hit milestone of 20,000 digital contacts from RI and closed down our special event call W1OP/100.
 Hit milestone of 16,000 digital contacts from RI as we started to use our special event call W1OP/100 to wrap up W1OP's 100th Year.
 Particiated in the CQ Worldwide DX Contest SSB.
 Hit milestone of 13,000 digital contacts from RI running heavily on DX FT4.
 Scored 2nd in W1-land in the World Wide Digi DX Contest. Ranked #80 out of 660 submitted scores world wide.
 Qualified for ARRL's Worked All States Awards for Digital, FT4 and FT8 categories.
 Held Centennial Banquet at the RI Yacht Club with members attending from around the county. Keynote speaker was W3LPL [originally W1OP's 12-year old KN1LPL] who used to walk to the club after school to work DX just 60 years ago.
 Received a State of Rhode Island Citation from the RI House of Representatives "congratulating W1OP on its 100th Anniversary of providing emergency communications on a local, national and global scale to assist the state in maintaining strong communications during national emergencies."
 Surpassed the 1,000 confirmed countries on different bands mark to qualify for the ARRL DXCC Challenge Award
 Added second remote station for 80M FT8 and FT4 using TeamViewer
 Hit 10,000 Digital contacts from RI -- FT8 and FT4
 ARRL confirmed 17M DXCC
 Annual Delegation to the Boxoboro ARRL New England Division Convention
 Started remote activation of W1OP Station and LPDA for FT8 and FT4 via TeamViewer software and JetPack.
 Parks on the Air has accepted our 2019 logs for their database. This is the second year for W1OP in the POTA program with just over 5,100 total contacts from Beavertail State Park K-2868.
 Competed in the World Wide Digi DX Contest using FT4/FT8. Cabrillo log filed.
 Hit 7,500 Digital contacts from RI -- FT8 and FT4
 W1GS, a charter signer of the 3905CC WAS net in 1976 checked into that Net.

Why Licensed Radio Amateurs?
Cape Cod ARES and SKYWARN Provide Support
in Rare Cape Cod Tornado Event

Radio Amateurs Position to Support
Emergency Communication in Tsunami’s Wake

Radio Amateurs Pitch In
to Help as Major Coastal Storms Hit Northeast

Emergency Communications in Rural Maine
"...that's when amateur radio comes into play."

Hawaii's Communication Breakdown
-- How Going Ham Could Save Us
Licensed Radio Amateurs in Service
    SATERN is the official emergency communications service of The Salvation Army SATERN, a group of licensed Amateur Radio Operators providing emergency communications support for Salvation Army operations in local, regional, and international disaster and emergency situations.
        Connected to the Red Cross Safe and Well Program.
    The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) consists of licensed Amateur Radio Operators who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.
    The "Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service," RACES is a protocol created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Communications Commission. RACES volunteer operators are licensed Amateur Radio Operators certified by a civil defense agency to be able to communicate on Amateur Radio frequencies during drills, exercises and emergencies. They are activated by local, county and state jurisdictions and are the only Amateur Radio operators authorized to transmit during declared emergencies when the President of the United States specifically invokes the War Powers Act.
    The Hurricane Watch Net is a group of licensed Amateur Radio Operators, trained and organized to provide essential weather related communications support to the National Hurricane Center during times of Hurricane emergencies.

1935 through 1955 ... the Providence Radio Association used the W1INM call sign. In 1976 we used AC1OP.

In 1934 the PRA moved to 3 Valley Street in Olneyville where it was first licensed as W1INM. This address had previously been a broadcast station complete with two 80 foot towers. This is it!

1-LI    W1OP's Call from 1926 ... Allowed CW transmission only
Providence Radio Association
Interested in our membership program?

New England Digital Emergency Communications Network (NEDECN)
Including direct access to SKYWARN Amateur Radio Network
DMR 447.725 MHz ...Details click here

W1OP/r 223.98 MHz

 W1OP Facebook   W1OP YouTube
W1OP Log in

Member Access
to Remote Stations and Servers
now includes SSB and FTx -- 2021
W1OP's 2021 DMR Repeater
on the New England Digital Emergency Communications Network (NEDECN) region-wide DMR system ...click here for detailed information
W1OP's Weekly DMR Net on the New England Digital Emergency Communications Network (NEDECN) region-wide DMR system ... NE TAC1 Channel at Sunday, 8pm local time. Visitors Welcome, N1DM net control.
N1DM's Introduction to FT4/FT8 Originally set up as a Slide Show, this presentation outlines a basic guide to getting on the air in FT mode. W1OP currently uses FT4 and FT8 to provide RI contacts to amateurs all over the world who are looking to get their Worked All States Awards.
Introduction to FT4 and FT8  N!DM
Providence Radio Association Logo 1921
An annotated history chapter
in the History of RI Radio

Rhode Island Radio Logo

ARRL NEWS    Contest Calendar

[Click on map to see GRID MAP PAGE]

W1OP's FT4 and FT8 Operation
   Digital contacts from W1OP FN41 RI are mostly remote controlled by operators in RI, MA, NH, TX, and FL. The station uses AnyDesk remote control of two IC-7300's tied into either the Collins 237-B1 Log Periodic Dipole Array [see below] that covers 10M through 40M, or a 65ft end fed vertical using a Icom AH-4 that covers 6M through 80M. During the winter a 160M antenna is also available. A Verizon FIOS optical cable provides internet connection.
   Whatever matching requirements needed with the LPDA are handled by the autotune in the 7300 with an average output of about 80+W. Most of the time the LPDA is oriented toward the Mediterranean as we are located on a hill favoring the Atlantic Ocean. Our logs reflect a very high percentage of DX because of this.
   It takes about 10 minutes to turn that 3,000 lb. beam stateside. Our software is the standard package of WSJT, N3FJP, and JTAlert. Logs are LOTW and ClubLog.

Another Centennial Year activity was particpating in the Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test using Call Sign "NAF" (with assigned Military Frequencies) representing the original Navy NAVRADSTA (T) site in Jamestown, RI. NAF operated on Military Frequencies and made contacts with amateur radio operators on ham frequencies --"Crossband". The Army Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) hosts the test.
Watch Full Size on YouTube

Bishop Hendricken High School Amateur Radio Club -- W1BHX does Winter Field Day at W1OP as part of three-event Jan. Centennial
Weekend: 1 - Set Up of Ft8 FN41 Station, 2 - Winter Field Day, 3 - CQ WW 160M CW Contest.
Watch Full Size on YouTube

In 1957, When other radio clubs were spending time working with resistors, tubes, coils, and capacitors, members of W1OP were digging, sawing, lugging and hammering their new Clubhouse together.
Watch Full Size on YouTube

W1OP Centennial QSL Card
NOTE: W1OP operates from various locations throughout RI, New England and Florida. Check with Operator for actual location, and  pay attention to Grid Square on Digital Modes.
[SASE Required]
WIOP QSL Card small version

W1OP/100 Wallpaper file here

Lookups 36,000 12/31/2018
Lookups 80,000 9/9/2020
HQ -- Grid: FN41gt in RI
Beavertail -- Grid: FN41hk in RI
FL #1 -- Grid: EL96cd in Naples

W1OP Annotated History
1919 -- 2016

W1OP History Early Press
 W1OP's First License '1LI'
signed by Herbert Hoover after WW1 in 1926

 Note to W1OP from Pres. Clinton , 1997
 75th Anniversary Report 1997

   W1OP Photos

Boom: 63ft,   Longest Element: 80ft,   Shortest Element: 10ft,   Weight: 3000 lb,   Height at Boom: 75ft
W1OP Collins 257B-1 antennaAbout the Collins 237B-1
13-element LPDA [c 1960s]

[erected in 1982]
 Additional Photos
 Collins 237B-3 Instruction Book
 Collins HF Antennas:
    Selection and Applications 1961
 237B Return Loss 2016 Test 1
 Zaven W1IUX [SK]

    Collins237Liason@ W1OP.com
Each Photo Below Links to YouTube Videos of Repair Work on the Beam in 1997
W1IUX Zaven with hammer on LPDA at W1OP W1IUX Zaven with coil of rope at W1OP W1OP 40 year old winch for LPDA
President@ W1OP.com
Info@ W1OP.com
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